Rank Advancements

Leadership is Key – Boy Scouting provides a series of surmountable obstacles and steps in overcoming them through the advancement method. The Boy Scout plans his advancement and progresses at his own pace as he meets each challenge. The Boy Scout is rewarded for each achievement, which helps him gain self-confidence. The steps in the advancement system help a Boy Scout grow in self-reliance and in the ability to help others.  – Leadership Roles within the Troop

 REQUIREMENTS – English   / Español  


THE ADVANCEMENT PROCESS  (Click here for the Guide to Advancements)

It is the Scout’s Responsibility to:

  • Track his Service hours in the Service log located in the back of the Scout Handbook.
  • Track his Camping hours in the Camping log located in the back of the Scout Handbook.
  • Track his Advancements and actively work on sign-off of requirements in his Scout Handbook.
  • Turn in his Scout Handbook to the Advancement Coordinator on the first Tuesday of every month.

It IS NOT the responsibility of the parent to report or committee to approach the Scout to discover what Rank and/or Awards he has earned. The Advancement Coordinator will update the Troops advancement records in preparation for the Court of Honor.

Four Steps of Advancement
A Boy Scout advances from Tenderfoot to Eagle by doing things with his patrol and his troop, with his leaders, and on his own. It is easy for him to advance if the following four opportunities are provided for him.

STEP 1: The Boy Scout learnsA Scout learns by doing. As he learns, he grows in ability to do his part as a member of the patrol and the troop. As he develops knowledge and skill, he is asked to teach others; and in this way he begins to develop leadership.

STEP 2:  The Boy Scout is tested. A Scout may be tested on rank requirements by his patrol leader, Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, a troop committee member or a member of his troop. The Scoutmaster maintains a list of those qualified to give tests and to pass candidates. The Scout’s merit badge counselor teaches and tests on the requirements for merit badges.

STEP 3: The Boy Scout is reviewed. After a Scout has completed all requirements for a rank, he has a Board of a Review. For Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, and Eagle Palms, the review is conducted by members of the troop committee.  BSA information regarding a Board of Review

  • The Scout Master, Assistant Scout Master(s), Committee Chair, relatives, or guardians may not serve as members of his board of review.
  • The Eagle Scout board of review is conducted in accordance with local council procedures.

STEP 4: The Boy Scout is recognized.When the board of review has certified a boy’s advancement, he deserves to receive recognition as soon as possible. This should be done at a ceremony at the next troop meeting. The certificate for his new rank may be presented later at a formal Court of Honor.